Time to Get Back on that Horse

It’s that time of year again folks.

Dance is starting up tonight.

Not that I’m dancing. Not this semester. But I am still teaching.

I have hopes. I have goals for my students. I’m sure they have goals too. I can’t wait to hear them.

I am especially excited about my intermediate class. There’s a bunch of new students in there, along with two of the most senior dancers in the studio. I am very excited for the improvement I’m going to see in them.

I am, of course, sad and quite a bit discouraged that I can’t dance this semester but I think God is giving me a chance to focus on my teaching and directing skills.

I’ll be directing our spring show, which I’m excited about. I’ve never directed without being in half the show myself.

Here’s to a great semester and a new focus.


Oregon Coast Favorites

So, I was recently on the Oregon coast for my honeymoon and I absolutely loved it. I thought I’d share my favorite things to do in the area for any of you thinking about visiting.


  1. Shopping

The very first place my husband and I went was a used bookstore right off Hurbert Street. The elderly man running it was very sweet, told us about this scenic highway we should check out. There were some very neat books in there. We each found a book along with one for our nephew.

There’s also this cute little consignment boutique called Shop the Closet that had some incredible pieces.

Half an hour up Highway 101 is Lincoln City. There is a magical place there called the Lincoln City Outlet Mall. Now, to someone like me who lives somewhere where the closest mall is seven hours away, this place is like heaven.

Also in Lincoln City are several antique shops. Just drive along the highway, they’re right off the sides of the road. I found some very interesting pieces, including one golf club cufflink, a beautful red plaster cardinal, a medical book of rare diseases, and a classy flask. It’s a lot of fun roaming through those crowded shops and I highly recommend it. One shop had quite the collection of old Elvis records and that warrants five stars from me.

Even further north, about another two hours, are two of my favorite places to visit in Oregon; Cannon Beach and Seaside. I haven’t ever shopped in Cannon but I hear they tend to be higher end shops.

In downtown Seaside you will find the most ecclectic assortment of shops. From the Man Shop to classy art galleries, you can spend all day, and all your money, in this town. There’s also quite a few cafes, which are always fun.

2. Eats

Golden Boy and I tried three different clam chowders in Oregon and we have to admit, the hands down favorite was from Mo’s. There are several Mo’s along the coast. WE went to the one on Bay Blvd. in Newport. Wonderful service, delicious chowder, fantastic seafood alfredo. We were very pleased. Also, they have peanut butter pie. ‘Nuff said.

Our second favorite place was a little pie shop called The Chalet. All house made pies, breads, desserts, pretty much everything. We loved the place so much that we went there for dinner one night and breakfast the day after.¬† Great deals on breakfast too…

Rogue Nation Brewery has it’s headquarters in Newport, so of course there is also a restaurant. We liked it pretty well, great rootbeer. The experience just wasn’t complete for us since we couldn’t drink their beer. However, their lemonade was awesome. And their rootbeer floats are amazing.

Of course, while you’re up in Seaside you have to go to Doogers. Clam chowder there is also wonderful and they have killer strawberry lemonade. Their crabcake appetizer is also tasty.

3. Things to Do

Ok here’s the fun part. Obviously the best thing to do on the Oregon Coast is beach comb. Seaside and Cannon beach tend to have the best shells, but you just have to hit places at low tide and you’ll probably find something cool. Golden Boy found me a perfect shell. And a crab claw…

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is across the bay in Newport and it is my favorite aquarium. Friendly people, beautiful property, touch pools, shark tunnels, seals and sea lions, puffins, everything. They have an awesome gift shop, a nice cafe and a restaurant as well. It’s a great way to spend half a day.

I think the most memorable thing we did was visit the adjoining Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Both were fairly interactive, mildly creepy, and very fun! I recommend this outing to everyone visiting Newport.

Right across the street¬† from those museums is a little dock. Below the dock are platforms floating in the water. Sea lions pile on those. They aren’t more than 25 feet away from you and they are very loud! Cutest things though. They are our jelly beans.

I miss them.

Of course all the little gift shops around the area are fun too.

I hope this helps next time you plan a trip to the coast.

African American

Ok people. It’s time to stop.

You know what’s keeping all this supposed racism alive? People trying so hard to not be racist.

It’s true.

One of the biggest things to me is people trying to figure out what to call black Americans. Because for some reason you aren’t allowed to call them black Americans…?

Many have used the term African American.

This is incorrect.

Unless someone moved FROM Africa to America, they are not African American. They are just American. And if you are trying to refer to their skin pigmentation, say black American.

Just like I am a white American.

Somebody’s skin is only somebody’s skin. It’s genetic pigmentation based on their ancestor’s proximity to the equator.

Why are people making a big deal out of it?

I don’t get offended when someone calls me white. It’s what I am. It’s the color of my skin.

I’m sure that not nearly as many black people are offended by being called what they are as the media would have you believe.

Too many people are going with the Obama hype that racism is an epidemic. It’s not. I don’t know one racist person. The only ones I hear about are through the caffeinated media.

All that to say, lose the term African American unless your neighbor down the street literally moved to your suburb from Ethiopia.

Or start doing that to everyone. Maybe I’ll introduce myself as a Polish American. (I have never been to Poland but at one point in history my ancestors lived there.)

The best way to kill racism is to stop talking about it like it’s a big secret.

There are some truly racist people. Those people are bigoted jerks.

There are white people racist toward black people.

There are black people racist toward white people.

There are Asians racist toward natives.

Anyone is capable of being racist, it is not an exclusively white American thing to be. It’s just a disgusting thing.

Help end racism. Stop treating it like it’s the biggest issue America is facing.


The Ghost Writer (5)


Sorry it’s so short…


“This is it Dean! I can’t take it anymore. I’m really starting to get freaked out,” Casidi greeted Dean when he came to pick her up for church.

“Baby, did it happen again?” His own confusion shown through those dark eyes.

Casidi merely gestured to her bedside.

Crossing the room in three strides, Dean bent over to inspect the typewriter.

“Are you messing with me Casi?” He asked, holding the pages between his thumb and his finger.

“No! I’m not freaking messing with you. Someone is messing with me!”

“Calm down, sweetheart. Where are the other pages?”

“They’re in my desk.”

Dean took a moment to read through the stack.

“This stuff really flows. Your dreams are intense.”

“I’ve never had a dream like this, Dean. And this has never happened. I want you to keep the typewriter in your dorm tonight. Please.”

“Of course. Now, come on if you still want coffee.”

“Please.” She mustered up a smile. Dean put his arm around her.

“What’s wrong?” He asked when she flinched. Casidi slipped her sweater off her shoulder to reveal the bruise.

“Who did that to you?!” His mood turned red.

“I did. In my sleep. Let’s just go.”

Dean hesitantly shut the door behind him. He didn’t like what was happening to his girlfriend. She was a mess. Hopefully getting the typewriter out of the dorm would be enough to calm her down.

Just as the door clicked shut, the window slid open.

“They’re going to move the typewriter. How are we going to monitor her if they take away that element?”

“Well we’ll have to figure out where the boyfriend lives.”



I have discovered, due to my diet, that rockfish is definitely worth eating.

That is some good stuff.

Just lightly fry it, maybe with some garlic salt, eat it with brown rice and a little bit of lemon juice, maybe some broccoli on the side.


The weird thing is, it was the cheapest fish at Wal-Mart.

Yes, I bought fish from Wal-Mart. I know, I took my life into my own hands.

Confessions of a Ninja Ballerina: Delicious Diet

My title is funny because I put two words together that don’t normally go together.

“Delicious Diet”

*Americans snickering in the background*

For real though. Golden Boy and I are trying dieting. He’s trying to bulk up in the right ways, I’m trying to make sure I stay slim over break, we thought we’d do this thing together.

He found some no-fun super strict diet.

No coffee. (All 12 of my readers just fainted)

No sugar outside of fruit. (Duh)

No bread or potato. (Even though potatoes are a perfectly wonderful way to get your daily dose of potassium. Along with your daily dose of butter, oil, and salt. Because how else do you eat potatoes??)

So basically where we’re at right now is eggs and fruit for breakfast, olives and cheese for lunch, and chicken (or fish but fish is flippin expensive. Ha. I made a pun.) and rice for dinner.

Personally, I’m still stuck on no coffee.

I’m so tired.

Anyways, last night I made this yummy chicken wrap and I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys. It’s all under 300 calories too!

For 1 chicken breast:

Chop up your chicken and get that started in a skillet. Add to the skillet:

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

1 1/2 teaspoon thyme

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon onion powder

While that’s cooking, grab a whole wheat tortilla and spread on 1 triangle of Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese. Pile on your chicken, add some lettuce and olives and enjoy!

Super tasty. I’m also trying marinading the chicken in all the spices and the lemon juice and I’ll cook that up tonight. I’ll let all you know if it’s any better that way.

I shall keep you updated on any more delicious diet recipes!