Your Weekly Cute Fix

In honor of my jelly beans that I miss so terribly…

“Hello hoo-man.”

“I’m warmer than you!”

“You said WHAT about my momma?!”

“Oh sorry… was that YOUR cookie?”

“Futbol anyone?”

“I don’t know what I am…”

“Come on guys… we’ll start our own club.”

“Does this tree make my butt look big?”

Oregon Coast Favorites

So, I was recently on the Oregon coast for my honeymoon and I absolutely loved it. I thought I’d share my favorite things to do in the area for any of you thinking about visiting.


  1. Shopping

The very first place my husband and I went was a used bookstore right off Hurbert Street. The elderly man running it was very sweet, told us about this scenic highway we should check out. There were some very neat books in there. We each found a book along with one for our nephew.

There’s also this cute little consignment boutique called Shop the Closet that had some incredible pieces.

Half an hour up Highway 101 is Lincoln City. There is a magical place there called the Lincoln City Outlet Mall. Now, to someone like me who lives somewhere where the closest mall is seven hours away, this place is like heaven.

Also in Lincoln City are several antique shops. Just drive along the highway, they’re right off the sides of the road. I found some very interesting pieces, including one golf club cufflink, a beautful red plaster cardinal, a medical book of rare diseases, and a classy flask. It’s a lot of fun roaming through those crowded shops and I highly recommend it. One shop had quite the collection of old Elvis records and that warrants five stars from me.

Even further north, about another two hours, are two of my favorite places to visit in Oregon; Cannon Beach and Seaside. I haven’t ever shopped in Cannon but I hear they tend to be higher end shops.

In downtown Seaside you will find the most ecclectic assortment of shops. From the Man Shop to classy art galleries, you can spend all day, and all your money, in this town. There’s also quite a few cafes, which are always fun.

2. Eats

Golden Boy and I tried three different clam chowders in Oregon and we have to admit, the hands down favorite was from Mo’s. There are several Mo’s along the coast. WE went to the one on Bay Blvd. in Newport. Wonderful service, delicious chowder, fantastic seafood alfredo. We were very pleased. Also, they have peanut butter pie. ‘Nuff said.

Our second favorite place was a little pie shop called The Chalet. All house made pies, breads, desserts, pretty much everything. We loved the place so much that we went there for dinner one night and breakfast the day after.¬† Great deals on breakfast too…

Rogue Nation Brewery has it’s headquarters in Newport, so of course there is also a restaurant. We liked it pretty well, great rootbeer. The experience just wasn’t complete for us since we couldn’t drink their beer. However, their lemonade was awesome. And their rootbeer floats are amazing.

Of course, while you’re up in Seaside you have to go to Doogers. Clam chowder there is also wonderful and they have killer strawberry lemonade. Their crabcake appetizer is also tasty.

3. Things to Do

Ok here’s the fun part. Obviously the best thing to do on the Oregon Coast is beach comb. Seaside and Cannon beach tend to have the best shells, but you just have to hit places at low tide and you’ll probably find something cool. Golden Boy found me a perfect shell. And a crab claw…

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is across the bay in Newport and it is my favorite aquarium. Friendly people, beautiful property, touch pools, shark tunnels, seals and sea lions, puffins, everything. They have an awesome gift shop, a nice cafe and a restaurant as well. It’s a great way to spend half a day.

I think the most memorable thing we did was visit the adjoining Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Both were fairly interactive, mildly creepy, and very fun! I recommend this outing to everyone visiting Newport.

Right across the street¬† from those museums is a little dock. Below the dock are platforms floating in the water. Sea lions pile on those. They aren’t more than 25 feet away from you and they are very loud! Cutest things though. They are our jelly beans.

I miss them.

Of course all the little gift shops around the area are fun too.

I hope this helps next time you plan a trip to the coast.