“Warning: If yo…

“Warning: If you receive a box from a Dr. A. Summers who lives in Florida, DO NOT OPEN under any circumstances, unless you’re up for a crazy whirlwind of an adventure.”

This is how Chloe Nickelson begins her encounter with Time Travel. So what was in this mysterious box from a complete stranger? Why would she warn against something as innocent as opening a package?

The answers are in Time Brigade; Ancient Beginnings.


It is only when…

It is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them – Agatha Christie

I love this quote so much because of how well it applies to my friends and family. Honestly, the best memories are from us being goofy together, doing things like dressing up as hipsters, hopping through Wal Mart, and making music videos. Serious moments are good, they’re what give a relationship substance, but you have to lighten up sometimes. So go do something ridiculous. 🙂