Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist

“Men should not hold doors open for women, we can take care of ourselves. That is, as long as we make these same men pay for our morning-after pill and abortions after we’re irresponsible about our personal lives.”

I am disgusted with my fellow women, especially with these ridiculous ads going on the radio saying one politician or another doesn’t support women’s rights.


I’m all for women’s rights, trust me. Yeah we can work, we can vote. But I’m sorry, men should not be catering to us.

Just kidding, not sorry.

For one thing, that’s completely contradictory to the whole feminist thing. They want to be superior to men, but at the same time they still want men to care of them, just in different ways.

Even if you’re just mildly feminist, for abortion privileges and stuff, it’s stupid.

Without getting into abortion too much, which is in fact murder, if you were irresponsible enough to get yourself pregnant, then deal with the consequences. No one should have to fund your abortion, or the morning-after pill which is just as bad as abortion since you take it after conception.

Another point is the insane idea that women don’t make as much money as men in the workforce. By the way, this is not true. The statistics they give are typically in a specific job or as nation, where less women work. They’re not giving you hourly wages or salaries, they’re giving you collective totals to make you buy into the lie.

A different, more subtle aspect of the feminist movement is taking place in the churches. Women should not be taking leading roles in the church. It is against biblical principles. The women aren’t the only ones at fault however. Men need to step up and take their places in the church.

The men should be the pastors, the worship leaders, the ones who organize the events, much more than women. I’m not saying women should fade into the background, but we need to remember our roles.

As the title says, I’m absolutely pro-woman. Women are awesome. But I’m so very anti-feminist.

Before I get a bunch of hate comments or whatever, these are my opinions. (Besides the abortion thing. That’s murder. It’s a sin. It’s evil. That’s a fact.)

Let me know what you think about the super-feminism movement and women’s roles in the church.