The Ghost Writer (2)

Here is the second installment of my pet project The Ghost Writer.

(This idea is copyrighted by me)

The typewriter had been a gift from her boyfriend, Dean Calloway, for her 19th birthday. As far as Casidi knew there wasn’t anything special about it. It couldn’t read minds or anything. How her dream had ended up on there in the perfect mystery novel form was beyond her.

Finally, Casidi pushed the odd incident out of her mind and worked on her Modern World History assignment.

At 7:30, Casidi donned her jacket, packed everything into her book bag, and set out for the café. She and Dean have a standing date every Friday morning at 7:45 and they haven’t missed one since the spring semester began two months ago.

He was waiting for her in their spot. As soon as Dean spotted her, he stood up and pulled out her chair.

“Thanks babe,” She said as he kissed her cheek.

“Anything for you,” Came his reliable answer. He sat across from her and adjusted his brown-rimmed glasses.

“So… something weird happened this morning.”

“What would that be?” Dean pushed a mocha towards Casidi, like he did ever Friday morning.

“You know that typewriter you got me?” Casidi clipped her long auburn hair out of her face.


“Well, I had this crazy dream last night, woke me up even, and it had been typed up. Every last detail, just like some fiction piece.”

“You probably did it in your sleep. Didn’t you tell me you sleep walk sometimes?”

“Yeah, but do you really think I could do that in my sleep? I mean, it was written well, the spelling was all correct… I don’t know, I just think it’s really weird.”

“What else could’ve happened though?” Dean asked as he sipped his steaming hot Americano.

“There isn’t really another explanation is there?”

“Well…” Dean got a glint in his eye. “The typewriter could have come alive and read your mind. Or you’re being possessed by some evil Japanese spirit… have you been to Japan recently? Or you are unknowingly part of some dream experiment. Or you are doing drugs. So which is it?”

By this point Casidi was laughing. “Ok, ok, I wrote it up in my sleep.”

“Mystery solved!” Dean spread his arms wide, causing a few sleepy eyes to glare at him with distaste.

They continued on with their conversation, talking about plans for the day and assignments they hated, not knowing that the entire conversation was being listened to.

Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist

“Men should not hold doors open for women, we can take care of ourselves. That is, as long as we make these same men pay for our morning-after pill and abortions after we’re irresponsible about our personal lives.”

I am disgusted with my fellow women, especially with these ridiculous ads going on the radio saying one politician or another doesn’t support women’s rights.


I’m all for women’s rights, trust me. Yeah we can work, we can vote. But I’m sorry, men should not be catering to us.

Just kidding, not sorry.

For one thing, that’s completely contradictory to the whole feminist thing. They want to be superior to men, but at the same time they still want men to care of them, just in different ways.

Even if you’re just mildly feminist, for abortion privileges and stuff, it’s stupid.

Without getting into abortion too much, which is in fact murder, if you were irresponsible enough to get yourself pregnant, then deal with the consequences. No one should have to fund your abortion, or the morning-after pill which is just as bad as abortion since you take it after conception.

Another point is the insane idea that women don’t make as much money as men in the workforce. By the way, this is not true. The statistics they give are typically in a specific job or as nation, where less women work. They’re not giving you hourly wages or salaries, they’re giving you collective totals to make you buy into the lie.

A different, more subtle aspect of the feminist movement is taking place in the churches. Women should not be taking leading roles in the church. It is against biblical principles. The women aren’t the only ones at fault however. Men need to step up and take their places in the church.

The men should be the pastors, the worship leaders, the ones who organize the events, much more than women. I’m not saying women should fade into the background, but we need to remember our roles.

As the title says, I’m absolutely pro-woman. Women are awesome. But I’m so very anti-feminist.

Before I get a bunch of hate comments or whatever, these are my opinions. (Besides the abortion thing. That’s murder. It’s a sin. It’s evil. That’s a fact.)

Let me know what you think about the super-feminism movement and women’s roles in the church.

Feels-Crushing books… that you’ll absolutely love.

I do try to stay away from books that leave emotional scars, but I just can’t help myself. They’re too fantastic. Here’s my top picks for books that will make you cry, but you won’t regret it.

1. The Fault in Our Stars [John Green]

2. The Book Thief [Markus Zusak]

3. Allegiant [Veronica Roth]

4. Mockingjay [Suzanne Collins]


The last two are part of the Divergent and Hunger Games trilogies, respectively. Now those are all pretty mainstream reads, so if you’re feeling a little hipster, and don’t actually want to cry, look for these gems;

1. Artemis Fowl [Eoin Colfer]

2. Sphinx’s Princess [Esther Friesner]

3. Thr3e [Ted Dekker]

4. Atlas Shrugged [Ayn Rand]

5. To Kill a Mockingbird [Harper Lee]

6. Ophelia [Lisa Klein]

I hope you check out at least one of these amazing books this summer 🙂