The Return of the Hoopla-Chiatto

It’s summer yet again which means work. As some people may recall, I work in a seasonal hotel’s gift shop and espresso bar. All the awesome people should remember the creation of the Hoopla-Chiatto.

In case you’re wondering what a Hoopla-Chiatto is, it is a triple-shot latte with almond, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, and Irish cream syrup in it. It’s delicious and the sugar alone will keep you going for hours.

Now, sadly, the Hoopla-Chiatto will not actually be making a triumphant re-entry into the world of tourism.  We have switched to Starbucks ( 😡 ) and I no longer have either almond or Irish Cream syrup to use.

I know, this news is devastating. But do not fret! There is hope to come for I am determined to create something almost as splendid. It might even be a frappucino. There are endless possibilities.

Chin up, dear readers. One day the Hoopla-Chiatto will enter back into society as a socially acceptable drink . However, the world just isn’t ready for it yet.

In the mean time I’ll making macchiato’s (which are no different than cappuccinos) and drinking sludge ( espresso + coffee)

Have a fantastic day everyone!

The Mad Hatter

“Everyone could see him coming. Braylon Barmy; the Mad Hatter. He towered over everyone in the class, standing at 6 feet three inches, accentuated by the floppy top hat he always wore. The sign on the side of his prized hat was barely legible, advertising some sort of sale using curly script. The hat itself was covered in patches of clashing materials, helped along the orange curls of hair peeking out from underneath.

The suit jacket that Braylon favored was much the same way, a deep purple velvet, with a gratingly bright orange patch pocket, a lime green shoulder, and mis-matched buttons.

His trousers had seen better days, certainly. They used to be white, now a dingy cream color, with a ragged hole exposing Braylon’s left knee. The pants had been drawn on using several shades of Sharpie, in designs of tea cups, playing cards, and rabbits.

As usual, gracing his unusually long feet were a pair of orange converse, custom made. The laces looked like they glowed in contrast to the dirty pants.

Ever present at his side was George Hare, the snooty know-it-all. His dark red hoodie was immaculate, showing just the collar of his bright white button-up. There was nothing too remarkable about his appearance except for his hair. Amid the straight black mess as a shock of white, running from front to back, on the side of his head. No one knows how it came to be. It just was.

And so the slightly raucous pair strode the halls of Wilhelm High School, laughing and arguing boisterously.”

I read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and was playing around with the idea of these characters in their teenage years. If you like this, please let me know and I’ll do more 🙂