Soul Mate

Soul Mate. The phrase brings to mind the whimsical, romantic, slightly ridiculous idea that there is one person in the whole world that you’re meant to be with. Kind of insane, right? But are soul mates real?

I recently read a blog post by Trusty Chucks (Mary) about this very issue. I did not agree with her position on the issue and I would like to state my own. Please understand that I’m not trying to bash on Mary, I’m simply reviewing her post and countering her arguments. Like a debate, except I’m the only one who knows about it…

First of all, though, I would like to ask you very kindly not to disregard my opinion on this just because I’m young. No, I haven’t had much experience in this field (though I’m pretty positive my boyfriend is my soul mate… just saying), but I’ve had good, and bad, relationships modeled for me throughout my life. And anyway, this is just an opinion piece. I hope you spend some time thinking about this is all.

Mary’s definition of a soul mate, however, was skewed. She believed that a soul mate is the non-existent person who would complete you, fill in the holes in your life in every way possible. The rest of her argument branched off of this theory.

I’d like to point out the dictionary defines a soul mate as a person, especially of the opposite sex, with whom one has a deeply personal relationship. Nothing about being completed, or doing the completing. And… well that kind of covers her argument.

Now, how about where God is concerned? Are soul mates Biblical? I believe they are. For one thing, God has only one person in mind for you to marry, not a dozen that you can choose from. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a soul mate to me.

I believe soul mates are real in that sense. God has someone out there for you. He, or she, won’t be perfect, they won’t fill in all the gaps. You need God for that. But they’re meant for you. That’s your soul mate.

Please comment your opinions on this, I’m super curious to hear them 🙂