Tom, Becky, and Huck

Since y’all liked my Mad Hatter post, here’s more.

“Tom Sawyer was a lot of things, unconfident not being one of those things. The boy walked with his shoulders back and his head up. The lanky sixteen year old was always dirty. His dingy, olive green hoodie was covered in dirt stains and something that resembled blood on the elbow. The cuffs of the sleeves were stretched out and torn, frayed at every edge they could find.

He had sun-lightened golden brown hair and a permanently freckled face. There was always some amount of mischief to be found in those sparkling blue eyes of his. His grin was easy and frequent, though not to be trusted in the slightest. His faint southern accent made him practically irresistible to the majority of the girls in school. But he only had eyes for Becky Thatcher.

Becky was the kind of a person that made you stop and stare. Her bright blue eyes almost matched her boyfriend’s. All the girls were jealous of her naturally honey-blonde hair that always managed to look perfect. And she had that vintage style that they wished they could pull off like Becky could.

Her laugh was like sun-beams through dark clouds on a rainy day. She really was the sweetest thing and no one was quite sure why she stayed with loud, disrespectful Tom. Some say she brought out the best in him, and that he’s very gentlemanly to her alone. But it remained an enigma the student population.

Then there was the classic third-wheel friend; Huckleberry Finn. Rumors said his dad was a drunk and his mom left before he could remember much of her. But that didn’t seem to put a damper on Huck’s life. He was always laughing boisterously, his grin even more present than Tom’s. He went barefoot whenever possible, not a sight anyone really wanted to see. His favorite clothing was overalls… and nothing else as far as anyone could tell. His hair was a little darker than Tom’s, and his face had less freckles, but they looked very similar, with the straight nose and strong chin.

Huck was one of those friends who could make anything into a dirty joke, but chose his moments carefully, not wanting to overuse vulgarity. There were very few girls genuinely interested in Huck, but the few who had had been sorely disappointed. The fifteen-year-old was still convinced that girls had cooties. His weekends were spent hunting and fishing and every type of outdoor activity that boys dreamed of.

The trio was interesting to observe, with Becky there to balance out the boys. But they were nonetheless entertaining and loved by many.”

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