My Writing

I have written two full books and I’m working on the third and fourth. I’m hoping to get my first book published this year.
The first book is called The Time Brigade; Ancient Beginnings. It’s about six teenager, who have never met before, that get sent back in time to Ancient Egypt to solve a murder. After they solve it, they get to go home. Amidst ancient chaos, the main character, Chloe, and the rest of her gang, Zach, Blake, Skye, OJ, and Lorelei, learn a lot about life, relationships, and communication.

The second book I wrote, which isn’t getting published any time soon, is called Mr. Sherlock Alexander Holmes (and me!) It’s loosely based of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, obviously. It’s centered on the lives of 17-year-old Alex and his best friend Izzi. Their life is flipped upside down when they discover a body on the beach and Alex decides he needs to find the murderer for himself, dragging Izzi along with him.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my writing endeavors. (unless you really don’t care…)

2 thoughts on “My Writing

  1. willbuck34 says:

    That is really awesome that you have wrote two books. Right now I feel God calling me to make an online ministry. I will be working on a website soon. I got some ideas now, but nothing solid. It is exciting seeing what God has prepared. You inspire me to may start working on a book also.

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