A Post in Which I Use a Mean Word

WARNING: If finding out the actual meaning of the word ‘slut’ and why the term ‘slut-shaming’ needs to be done away with offends you than this is not the post for you.

Someone told me today that the word ‘slut’ is around the make girls feel bad about showing off their body.

Obviously this person has never seen a dictionary.

The definition of slut: A woman who has many sexual partners. Also see- whore, harlet, tramp.

Huh. Nothing about her body or the way she dresses.

An awful thing has happened. People now use the term “slut-shaming” when they feel like one person is trying to tell another person how to dress.

Misusing words is dangerous.

By saying people shouldn’t ‘slut-shame’ you are inadvertently saying that being a slut is okay.

This is what your daughters, sisters, and friends are seeing. Being a slut is ok because people who slut-shame are evil, rigid, Christians who are judgmental, celibate, and self-righteous.

And no one wants to be like that.


You don’t want your little girls to grow up to be sluts! Unexpected pregnancies resulting in abortions would happen. STD’s. Broken hearts. Emotional damage. Sometimes bodily damage.

Saying we shouldn’t ‘slut-shame’ is like saying prostitution is admirable and stripping is morally ok.

What we should be doing is teaching girls that they shouldn’t body-shame which is making other people feel bad about their bodies.

We should be discouraging them from a slutty lifestyle.

Christians especially should not be calling other people out on “slut-shaming”!  When we see others crying out about people “slut-shaming” we need to tell them that nothing about being a slut is commendable and that they should not be encouraging that!

Stand up for your beliefs! You are being silenced because you are afraid of hurting feelings.

Jesus was not silenced. He preached about sexual misconduct to hundreds of people! He told them what was wrong to do. You can do that! You are capable.

The only group that is allowed to be offended and oppressed nowadays is Christians. Anyone else and it’s a hate crime. But not Christians. Because we are SILENT. Speak up!

The church is being persecuted by our culture and we are letting it happen. Other people will not do the work for you. Christians needs to have a voice again.

3 thoughts on “A Post in Which I Use a Mean Word

  1. Brittney says:

    Okay okay, you’re confused….
    So are you saying slut shaming isn’t wrong? Slut shaming IS wrong!

    I agree the term is stupid and shouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is but you’re not worked up about the term..as much as you are about shaming people’s immorral choices.

    You cannot condemn a person because they’ve made mistakes. All sins are equal in gods eyes and we all make mistakes. Saying “we shouldn’t slut shame” is another way of saying that you cannot take someone’s human dignity away because of things they have done.
    Everyone deserves respect and everyone has the EXACT same amount of human dignity. Slut or virgin you should not be shaming anyone!


    • I’m saying by crying “don’t slut shame” girls are thinking it’s OK to be a slut. There is nothing good about that. There is nothing good about being a slit. And yes, sin is sin. Should that stop us from pointing out sin? No. Jesus pointed out sin. I am not condemning anyone. I’m saying being a slut is immoral behavior. We shouldn’t be encouraging it. I’m not saying we shame people. That drives people away from Christ. I’m saying it’s immoral behavior.


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