African American

Ok people. It’s time to stop.

You know what’s keeping all this supposed racism alive? People trying so hard to not be racist.

It’s true.

One of the biggest things to me is people trying to figure out what to call black Americans. Because for some reason you aren’t allowed to call them black Americans…?

Many have used the term African American.

This is incorrect.

Unless someone moved FROM Africa to America, they are not African American. They are just American. And if you are trying to refer to their skin pigmentation, say black American.

Just like I am a white American.

Somebody’s skin is only somebody’s skin. It’s genetic pigmentation based on their ancestor’s proximity to the equator.

Why are people making a big deal out of it?

I don’t get offended when someone calls me white. It’s what I am. It’s the color of my skin.

I’m sure that not nearly as many black people are offended by being called what they are as the media would have you believe.

Too many people are going with the Obama hype that racism is an epidemic. It’s not. I don’t know one racist person. The only ones I hear about are through the caffeinated media.

All that to say, lose the term African American unless your neighbor down the street literally moved to your suburb from Ethiopia.

Or start doing that to everyone. Maybe I’ll introduce myself as a Polish American. (I have never been to Poland but at one point in history my ancestors lived there.)

The best way to kill racism is to stop talking about it like it’s a big secret.

There are some truly racist people. Those people are bigoted jerks.

There are white people racist toward black people.

There are black people racist toward white people.

There are Asians racist toward natives.

Anyone is capable of being racist, it is not an exclusively white American thing to be. It’s just a disgusting thing.

Help end racism. Stop treating it like it’s the biggest issue America is facing.


3 thoughts on “African American

  1. I agree. If you censor speech you cannot have a dialogue. Without a dialogue, resolving issues becomes quite difficult. The Press above all should realize this, but too often fail, and would rather engage in ‘brow-beating.’
    A liberal should be one of the first to defend your right to say something obnoxious if even if they despise what you are saying. The liberal press often fail in that regard as well.
    Also, in a free society, you have the right to be a racist bigot. I might think you are a moron and tell you as much but the right to be ‘moron’ needs too needs to be defended.
    But what do I know? I’m probably ‘culturally insensitive and a son of ‘white priviledge’ – but I don’t care. Both terms are blanket terms and lack any real substance; they are censorious slurs used to shut down your opinion as irrelevant and thus saving an ‘enlightened one’ from the hardship of actually listening.
    Sorry about the rant. Good article.

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