We’ve made this sin ‘ok’… so we should make this sin ‘ok’

Dance In The Rain

I read an article today ( http://www.faithstreet.com/onfaith/2014/03/31/what-c-s-lewis-marriage-can-tell-us-about-the-gay-marriage-controversy/31512 ) that is legitimately trying to convince people that we should welcome and want homosexuality in the church because we’ve made sins like divorce and remarriage ok.

How does this logic?!

Seriously, it’s the same as saying, well we’ve made divorce acceptable. Let’s tell the people that murdering each other is ok.

One sin being accepted in a society does NOT mean that another should. It means we need to work on eradicating the first sin. Divorce and remarriage are only ok under the strict Biblical guidelines. The Bible very clearly states that homosexuality is a sin, no if’s, and’s or but’s.

Now don’t misunderstand me, homosexuals should be welcome into the church, but in no way should we paint homosexuality in the light that it is ok. It is NOT. Stop being so worried about offending people and worry about saving people.

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21 thoughts on “We’ve made this sin ‘ok’… so we should make this sin ‘ok’

  1. I do have a question… Why do you believe that it’s your job.. As a good Christian… To voice your opinion while the opinions of who your voicing about are unessesary and invalid…


    • “While the opinions of who your voicing are unnecessary and invalid..” I’m not quite sure what you mean by that.
      The Bible calls Christians to speak up, not to be silent. So that is what I am doing. God calls Christians to warn each other against sin, and it seems like the Church has been slacking on this a little.

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      • Actually the documents that form the Old Testament were written before Jesus’ time. The documents that make up the New Testamnet were only written a short while after Jesus death, not more than a few centuries at most. This can not be said for the writings of ancient scholars, which were actually written thousands of years afterwards, and there are other works that people believe wholeheartedly that weren’t written until hundreds, sometimes thousand of years after they took place.
        However, may I ask you if you’re Catholic, because I have had a similar discussion with a Catholic, and we didn’t come to an agreement because we disagreed on the authority of the Scripture.


      • Ok then I’m confused as to why you questioned me on the authority of the Scripture.
        I just get wary when it comes to the church and I don’t understand putting it above the Bible. The Bible was clearly divinely inspired, considering ll theprophecies that came true and how well it fits together over the thousands of years it took place and little the different translations actually differ. It’s a miracle, really. I listen to pastors but I check what they say against Scripture, because that’s what they should be basing their teaching off of. No one should be preaching off of feelings solely, such as the matter of homosexuality. People talk about their feelings on the matter way more than what the Bible says. That’s where churches get messed up I believe, is when they differ from scripture.


      • My original question was aimed towards YOUR authority to be arguing on matters when you are neither a pastor or leader with some form of higher education….


      • Why do I need a masters degree to understand that Scripture is literal? I believe I’m allowed to speak out on these matter because I am a Christian and I believe the authority of the Bible and use it as the basis for all my arguments. I am not being hateful or judgmental to people and I pray daily for God to speak through me. It is not only pastors and leaders in the church who are supposed to talk about the Bible.


      • Do you believe that you are a sinner? I am assuming you do… Do you believe that the scripture has ultimate authority? I’m getting that from the way you speak about it… But what I don’t understand is how you are so set that the bible is the only way.., there were books left out of the bible that are just as important and any other book in it… On top of that… Even pastors get it wrong… So if someone who is so spiritually understanding as the stronger pastor… Don’t you think that you mah have things wrong too? Yes… Homosexuality is a sin… Trust my I’ve had that drilled in to my head… But what I don’t understand is why… But I’m not allowed to question the scripted because it’s all powerful right??? No… I can’t live my life not question what I believe and why j believe it… And


      • Of course I know that I’m a sinner. We all are, including those pastors. I have never once made the claim that I am perfect. Yes, the Bible has ultimate authority because it is the Word of God. The Word of God is the only way, unless you don’t actually have the faith to believe it. I’m aware that there are other documents pertaining to the Bible’s events, but it is said that the Word of God is divinely inspired, so I truly believe that it has everything God intended it to have. I’m sure I have some things wrong, I’m not perfect, I have never claimed that I am entirely right, but the Bible is very clear on some things and some pastors and leaders ignore that in order to be politically correct.
        Homosexuality is a sin because it goes against what God intended men and women to be. They were created for each other in the image of God to be united before Him and homosexuality breaks that, which is why it is a sin. It is called a sin several times in the Bible, there really isn’t wiggle room when it comes to it, so I get frustrated when I see Christians saying it’s ok.
        You do need to question why you believe what you do, or else it isn’t real belief, it’s just on the surface. If you don’t believe that Bible is the ultimate authority ask yourself why. Talk to your pastor or something. If you don’t know why you believe something, that’s dangerous.
        Again, I want you to understand that I know I am not perfect and that I may get some things wrong. But the Bible is very clear and some things being ok or not ok, and that’s what I talk about.

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  2. Is homosexuality any worse than lying to your parent? I am Gay… I know personally that my feelings and attraction to people of the same gender is wrong… But do you understand the daily struggle that I have to go through? And I’m not the only Christian that feels his way… I’m just one of few that talk about it…


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