We’ve made this sin ‘ok’… so we should make this sin ‘ok’

I read an article today ( http://www.faithstreet.com/onfaith/2014/03/31/what-c-s-lewis-marriage-can-tell-us-about-the-gay-marriage-controversy/31512 ) that is legitimately trying to convince people that we should welcome and want homosexuality in the church because we’ve made sins like divorce and remarriage ok.

How does this logic?!

Seriously, it’s the same as saying, well we’ve made divorce acceptable. Let’s tell the people that murdering each other is ok.

One sin being accepted in a society does NOT mean that another should. It means we need to work on eradicating the first sin. Divorce and remarriage are only ok under the strict Biblical guidelines. The Bible very clearly states that homosexuality is a sin, no if’s, and’s or but’s.

Now don’t misunderstand me, homosexuals should be welcome into the church, but in no way should we paint homosexuality in the light that it is ok. It is NOT. Stop being so worried about offending people and worry about saving people.

People will not turn to God if they think their sin is acceptable to Him.

Read the above sentence until it sinks into your brain. People will NOT TURN to God if you tell them that it is ok to sin! They will find no need for a savior.

So think about how you handle things like this. Are you leading people to God or telling them they don’t need Him?

11 thoughts on “We’ve made this sin ‘ok’… so we should make this sin ‘ok’

  1. Natasha Hastings says:

    Saying that homosexuality is equal to murder is incorrect. Homosexuals are not physically hurting anyone (besides spreading aids and hpv ext.) Murder is taking someone’s life away. Sexual orientation does not have half the impact on people and society that murder does. Murder is a sin of things such as anger, hatred, and revenge. Homosexuality is a sin people usually don’t even know they are commiting. Therefore it is not as grave a sin. To be a grave sin it has to involve three things: grave matter, a significant knowledge of the sin’s graveness, and a consent to commit the sin anyway.


  2. Natasha Hastings says:

    However, i am not saying that all homosexuals are clueless…some of them are aware of their sin.

    And also, it is wrong for you to say that someone thinking that their sin is ok is going to keep them away from God, because that’s not true. Trust me I know from experience. People need God for more then their sins, He is much more than a savior, He is a comforter, a guardian, He is needed for guidance, hope, consolation and so much more. Regardless of what sins people have on their souls.

    Everyone is lost and confused in someway, nobody is perfect and calling people out on their sins is not going to bring them closer or help them. Jesus said that they will know we are Christians by our love. We can lead by our example. It works tremendously better than ranting on a blog about how horrible gay Christians and Christians who don’t speak up are for the church. Actions speak louder than words. I know you say all the time in your posts that you’re not being hateful or judgemental. But whether you are trying to or not you give off a negative and very defensive vibe, and that is not going to convert or change people’s opinions.


    • All sins are equal in God’s eyes, it doesn’t matter how we feel about them. Whether or not we repent from them is the issue.
      I really do not want to argue this point with you, so I’ll say it once. We are called, as Christians to warn each other against sin. If other Christians find my posts hateful and judgmental, then they are most likely being convicted by them. Plus, I am not singling out any one group of people, I am merely pointing out what the Bible says about what is sin and I only talk about things the Bible is very clear on, at least I try to. How is it hateful to share God’s Word?
      I am very aware that God is more than a Savior, and people can still see Him as such when they’re sinning, but without repentance we can never be as close to God as we could be. That is why I blog about these issues.
      You’re right, some people don’t know it’s a sin. They ought to, for their own good.
      God has called me to speak out for Him and His word.
      I, personally, am encouraged and refreshed when people speak up for what they believe and what they know is right and sometimes it helps me grow in my faith. I aim to take that same strong stance.
      And I have changed a couple people’s viewpoints using my blog. I have had people thank me for my perspective and for sharing the truth of God’s Word.
      Thank you very much for commenting.


  3. Natasha Hastings says:

    Well you’re missing a few books there. And yes some sins are greater than others. for example: When you lead others into sin you sin twice, that means the sin is greater. There are more examples but I feel like I’m wasting my time because you are closed minded and have already decided that everything you think and believe is true.


  4. Natasha Hastings says:

    BTW, That was an analogy I don’t actually think you’re trying to catch flies. Incase you don’t know what it means, it means (in your case) that you will lead more to God and His kingdom with a better approach than what you are using now. Being “all up in your face; I’m right, you’re wrong.” is only going to keep people away and start confrontation.


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