Homeschooling Wins

I graduate this summer.

I’m 100% done with my school. Every credit is accounted for. I even got a head start on college. How did I get all this done?


No, it’s not suppressive and anti-social.

And we aren’t Amish…

Homeschooling has been a huge blessing on me and my family. It has allowed me to do things that public school wouldn’t, such as dance and taekwan-do classes during the day.

Homeschool also allowed me to get a 7-credit head start on college last semester.

My mother had the chance to personally see over my school and was able to approve of everything I learned.

Speaking of, I got to choose what I learned a lot of the time, especially when I got to high school. One semester I had a focus on archaeology. I got to study mythology. I learned about astronomy for a semester. I got to pick what science to do, what English to do, which foreign language I wanted to learn.

Homeschooling gave me time to write a book. (Or two and a half…)

Homeschool connected me with my boyfriend. If I had been public schooled, I never would’ve met Golden Boy since we met in a homeschoolers chemistry class. The thought of not having him in my life is physically painful.

I’m sure public school has it’s good points, like sporting teams and dances, but don’t tell me it’s more social. Sure, you may see a lot of people every day, but how many close friends do you have? I have four very close friends, not including Golden Boy, and a handful of other good friends, friends I can trust. I met the majority of them because of homeschool classes. It may be a different story for you, but I don’t hear about having that many close friends from people I know who are public school.

There’s less drama in homeschool! There’s no backstabbing, breakups, “She-said he-said” or any of that junk. It’s you, chilling at home, listening to music and taking an hour long lunch break.I mean, you have to deal with siblings, but you have to do that anyway.

(There’s also less drugs, underage drinking, and sleeping around)

I was able to get closer to my mom than  I would’ve if I was gone every day. I got to focus on my faith through my school. Apologia science is a wonderful thing.

I will definitely be homeschooling my future children, as long as it’s still legal. Making homeschool illegal is really such a stupid idea. The government is just afraid because the majority of homeschooling families are Christian, conservative, or both and they don’t want either group in America anymore. So I pray for the future of homeschool, especially since public school has gone SO far downhill.

Are you homeschooled, or were in the past? What are your experiences with homeschooling?

One thought on “Homeschooling Wins

  1. Moriah says:

    There are a number of kids at school this year that were previously home schooled, and unfortunately they have large gaps in their education because of poor family situations that led to a lack of schooling rather than home schooling. Because of this, many of the teachers at school are very set against home schooling, or think that you should only do it if you have a teaching degree, or other such opinions. I think that this is extremely sad, especially since home schooling had a large role in shaping me into who I am today.

    As someone who was home schooled until 7th grade, I am a huge advocate of home school. I plan on home schooling my kids until they are old enough to choose more of their education, but I will never send them to public school. When I left the home schooling scene (I suppose you could say I never did, since I still take a lot of courses through Raven), I did not go to public school, but to a tiny, tiny Christian school. We have about 130 students this year, and over half of them are preschool and kindergartners. The most people I ever had in my grade was 5, and the largest class (combined grades) was 13. As of right now, most of my closest friends I met at NPCS. People say that it’s not possible to have more than a few close friends, but there are 11 of us from school that are such a tight-knit group that we share everything with each other. We get together regularly for coffee and bike rides and loitering at Safeway (don’t judge – there’s not really much else to do in North Pole haha).

    At this point, I imagine that I would have a hard time going back to home school because I would miss the people at North Pole Christian. Not only my friends who are my age, but the teachers and the younger students. I volunteer in the kindergarten class several days a week and work after school, so I know most of the kids and have grown to love them dearly. The teachers are such a support network for me, more like extended family than just educators. I know I can go to them for anything I need and they’ll do their best to help me.

    Anyway, I digress. I could extol the virtues of North Pole Christian School for quite a long time. But long story short, I have excelled academically at NPCS, and I am sure that it is due in no small part to the foundation I had in home school. I loved both of my schools, and I believe that together they have prepared me both academically and spiritually for the next step in life. Home school is my first choice for schooling, especially for elementary school. But since public school is not an option for many people, I believe that Christian school is a good alternative if an older home schooled student wants to try “real” school (as my sister and I did when we started at NPCS). My family and I have been extremely blessed through our time and North Pole Christian, and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

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