Sherlock Makes an Observation

I feel like if Sherlock Holmes were to walk into my house and ask me to tell him about my blog, the conversation would go something like this;

“Well, Sherlock, I had a bunch of people tell me to act more like Jesus, since I wasn’t being all fluffy and sugar-coating everything. So I start this Bible study on what it’s like to be like Jesus. And you know, it’s funny, I haven’t gotten a single comment, and these posts are nowhere near as popular as any of my other ones.”

Sherlock would light his pipe and say, “Elementary, my dear blogger. These people don’t actually want you to act like Jesus, they want to accuse you of not acting like Jesus. They don’t want you to take this into consideration, study on it, and show that you’re trying your best. People who have commented things like that simply want to put you down.”

“But, Sherlock, that’s not fair. I’m doing what they asked.”

“Ah, but they wanted you to ignore them so that they could accuse you more later.”


That’s what it feels like people. I’m doing what you asked. I’m getting no support, no arguments, no comments of any kind. Do you care or not? Because I’m trying. And maybe I’m wrong about some of you and your motivations, in which case I’m sorry for the generalization.

4 thoughts on “Sherlock Makes an Observation

  1. I’m glad I stumbled upon this. I think the reason people aren’t reading this is because you aren’t trying to be biblical, you’re trying to be right. Yes, Jesus flipped tables, but that was because he was blameless. Are you blameless? If not, I’d suggest putting those stones down.


    • Whoa there. I am trying to be Biblical, which is trying to be right. And I am allowed to speak against sin. It is something that Christian community as a whole has not been doing enough of. How do you think society got so disoriented? Christians stopped standing up for what they believed in. They got too concerned about making everyone happy.
      And tell me you see the hypocrisy in your comment. Please.


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