Being “More Like Jesus”

My mother has good ideas. She decided we ought to start a Bible study on what being “like Jesus” really is. And I am going to blog about it.

Apparently, I don’t act like Jesus one bit, according to some of my readers. I would like to prove to the blogging society and the rest of my readers that this matters to me and I am honestly trying very hard to act like Jesus did.

We started out with Jesus’ first independent act; when he was in the temple when he was 12. This is found in Luke 2:41-52 and Luke was the only gospel to record it.

I’m not going to write it all out because I want you to read it. If you don’t have a Bible, it can be found online.

I drew a few things from this passage. The first thing was that Jesus  listened first and asked questions second. Even though he was God himself, he respected the rabbi’s enough to listen to their teaching and then had a discussion with them.

Another thing is that he went in with a certain level of understanding first. He didn’t talk to any rabbi until he understood what he was talking about.

I try to do that in my blog. I don’t post about anything that I haven’t read into and feel ready for a discussion on.

One other thing that I picked out was that God came before even His family. His parents were all worried about him, and Jesus was just like “I’m where I’m supposed to be. With my Father.”

So that’s what I’ve covered so far. Opinions? Comments? Stay tuned for more.

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