What Makes it Worthwhile

Sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to be blogging. Honestly, it makes some people very angry.

My posts on feminism and homosexuality got lots of hateful comments or people arguing with me in a way meant to make me feel bad, stooping to name-calling at times even.

My series of posts on dating damaged a friendship for a while, which hurt.

Why do I persist?

Well, it honestly doesn’t matter how many people I offend. It doesn’t matter how many times I get cussed at or called stupid.

It matters how many people I touch. How many people I reach.

I believe I am doing the right thing. I pray about my posts and comments and firmly believe that Christians are meant to be outspoken about issues like these.

As long as I get one person who says “Thank you for that” or just one person who saw a new, good perspective, then all the persecution is worth it. Every word that hurt me, every uncomfortable situation is worth one person saying that my post helped them consider what God has to say.

I am not completely selfless or else I would say I am doing this entirely to bring people to God. Sometimes I blog for me. Yes, I like the popularity. I’m human.

But at the core of it all I want to bring God glory. I want to show people what I have seen  in the truth of the Bible. I do not think I am self-righteous. I do not believe I am better than anyone else and I hope I do not come across that way. I just want people to see God in the issues we’re dealing with today.

That is why I blog.

9 thoughts on “What Makes it Worthwhile

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    God likes lots of f words, faith, family, fire, so I think he would be okay with feminism. Sometimes people are afraid of change when it is needed most. If God is love, then he would love homosexuals, too. Sadly, too many are more concerned with hating people than serving them in love.


    • He would definitely not approve of the modern feminist movement, as it seeks to destroy the sanctity of marriage, give women the right the choose to murder their unborn babies, and bring back witchcraft. So I really do not think He would be okay with that. He is ok with basic human rights I’m sure, but not the radical feminism taking place today.
      God does love homosexuals, but as I said in my post about homosexuality, he hates the sin.
      People are very concerned with either hating people too much or loving everything. I’m trying to stand up for what I believe without being too harsh, but without playing things in the light that ‘everything is ok because we all should love each other’ and being a pushover. There has to be a balance.


      • Jamie Carter says:

        We don’t live in a perfect world. The world’s youngest mother was five years of age when she gave birth to a son. It is not uncommon for 11, 12, and 13 year old girls to become pregnant. We do not live in a perfectly Christian world – we must share it with those who do not agree with us on everything. If it was possible to make abortion unnecessary by ending sexual abuse and creating a support system that lifts mothers and their babies out of extreme poverty, we could change the world … which seems to be better than condemning it. But it is far easier to call abortion evil than adopt solutions.

        Marriage was never a sanctified instution. Cultures across the world married long before missionaries told them about God. It was little more than a promise for a man to provide for his wife provided that she bore him children, preferably sons to inherit property. The rabbis taught that after ten years of childlessness, divorce was compulsory. Marriage didn’t need feminism’s help to be ruined, the concept of love did that.

        Witchcraft has always been practiced, only now we don’t burn suspected witches in public because that would be wrong. It is simply an alternative belief system that would have been practiced even without feminism. At least Wicca has a history of respecting the contributions of women – Christianity can’t say the same.


      • Just because something is easier does not make it wrong. Abortion is evil and I hope that we can find a solution to it.
        Marriage started off, with Adam and Eve, as a sanctified institution. From there it went through the generations, started as something holy before God. Yes, non-Christians get married, different cultures do it in different ways, but it started as a holy union before God and many religions still carry it out as such.
        Witchcraft is an evil religion, simple as that. The devil has power and when people call upon him to use it, bad things happen. Wicca is nothing to turn to. There is no salvation within it, only damnation. I hope women see this.


      • Jamie Carter says:

        When I started blogging, I would have said the same things you are saying now – my words were those of my pastor, sunday school teacher, and televangelists. Over the course of a decade, I found my own words and defined my beliefs by asking myself how I would explain my actions to Jesus. He was on the side of tax collectors and prostitutes, the morally corupt and unfaithful … who are our modern day counterparts to them? Jesus is sometimes called the Good Doctor, that makes his followers nurses. Honestly condemning people for being sinning sinners is not the cure He prescribed. It wasn’t so very long ago that you and I were counted among them, for all sins are equal. Compassion requires that we put ourselves in their shoes. Only then might we do some good. Maturity in your faith takes time, all I ask is that you find your own words and grow in love.


      • I appreciate your comment, but to be fair, these are my own words. These are not the words from my pastor, sunday school teacher or anyone else. I have come to these conclusions myself. I am very aware that I am a sinner and I strive to sin less, but Jesus spoke out against sin even when he was among sinners. He did not tell them that they were fine. I am friends with sinners, I am a sinner, I still believe I can speak against sin. I am not condemning anyone, merely stating that certain things are sinful.
        I know I am not fully mature in my faith, but, with respect, neither are you. Wee will never be fully mature, there will always be more to learn.


  2. Keep doing whatnis in your heart. Although, pray ober what to write and pray before you post. Read, then post again. It is not you who should be speaking, but the Holy Spirit. If any person is convicted than it was spoken to them


  3. You need to be more robust,

    When people criticise the hateful things you say about gay people, for example, consider what you have said.

    “Hateful”? Well, imagine a gay couple. You tell them God hates their “sin” of homosexuality. You say that either they split up, or they live in sin. You find what is beautiful- a couple living together in love- and call it sin. How can you not see that is hateful?


    • It would be hateful to tell them that it is ok. If someone you love is doing something wrong, that will hurt them sometime down the road, which is more loving, telling them what they are doing is wrong and they should stop, or letting them continue, even though it will hurt them?
      It is more loving to confront people about their sin, as long as you do it correctly. I would never walk up to a gay couple and straight up tell them they should split. I have a gay friend. He knows my stance on homosexuality and I have told him what the Bible says about it. We are still friends. I don’t think it’s at all hateful to share God’s word with people.


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