The Hoopla-Chiatto

I recently got a job in a hotel here in Alaska. I work in the gift shop/espresso bar. I now have an understanding of the frustrations of baristas.

Among other things is dealing with people ordering “regular coffee” without telling us what size or if you want room for cream.

I don’t understand what you want.

Need more info.

Anyways, I posted about it on Facebook. One of my friends said something along the lines of “just convince them that the triple shot espresso hoopla-chiatto that you’re handing them is the norm.”

And I loved the name Hoopla-chiatto so much that I invented it today.

It’s basically a latte, except with a little bit of vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, Irish Cream, and almonds syrups, adding up to about two shots of flavor.

So, go to your favorite local coffee shop and order and a Hoopla-chiatto. Tell me what you think.

Whatcha thinking?

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