Golden Boy and Wild Thing go on an Adventure

So, to explain the title a bit, my mother has dubbed my boyfriend Golden Boy. I am, naturally, Wild Thing. We sound like superheroes and it’s cool.

Now, about our adventure. Hiking. 15 miles. Steep hills and bogs. Sunrise. Climbing rocks. Much, much more.

We set out bright and early because Golden Boy wanted to watch the sunrise with me out there (all my girl readers go ‘awww’).


We hiked the trail backwards, meaning we got the steepest incline over with first. And it was steep. The cold, somewhat thinner air didn’t help with the breathing. People, I just came home from Mississippi, about as sea-level and flat as you get. And suddenly I was hiking up hills in Alaska. I sounded like I had asthma.

To help though, the last time Golden Boy had hiked the trail, he left little notes for me along the way. Super cute, I know.

After getting the hardest part over with, we watched the sunrise from a pretty nice view. Then we continued on, our next goal being to get to ‘his rock’.

We made a couple stops along the way to his rock, one of them at a different rock, which we climbed halfway way up to this spot he called the crows nest. That’s what it looked like. Just big enough for the two of us. We sat there and talked and watched the sky for a while before heading on our way.

When we finally got to his rock, about 9 miles in, we felt rather accomplished. His rock is the highest spot on the trail. From there, you can see the hills going on forever in all directions. In the distance the mountains broke the monotony of green hills with their cool white angles. There was a bit of a breeze, but besides the slight rustling of my hair against clothes, it was completely quiet.

We felt like the only two people in the world.

For a few minutes everything was absolutely perfect. It was just us, taking in the glorious sight of the abundant hills, completely silent. I didn’t want to leave, but if we didn’t get moving, my mother was going to think we had gotten eaten by bears.

Not even joking.

The rest of the hike was somewhat uneventful besides me rolling my ankle a bit and Golden Boy carrying my backpack for me (which, by the way, was rather heavy)

Every once in a while he would carry me through the boggy parts. He didn’t want me to get my feet wet.

The last three miles were quite miserable, we were both slowly dying from hunger, even though we had food. We didn’t want to stop long enough to eat it. My knees, ankles, feet, and left shoulder were all hurting and I’m sure he wasn’t the feeling the greatest either.

But let me tell you, after ten hours of hiking, Subway tastes like manna from heaven. It was the best sandwich I had ever eaten in my entire life.

And afterwards Golden Boy massaged my feet. So I was happy.

Any of you guys enjoy hiking? I want to hear some of your stories!

Whatcha thinking?

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