Hello Interweb Friends

Hi there,

So this is my brand new blog. Bear with me now, I’ve never done this before. On here I’ll be talking about anything that comes up in my day-day life. This includes dancing, writing, food, music, movies, and relationships.
A little about me: I’m 17 years old and I’ve been dancing since I was 11. It has changed my life immensely. I have been writing since I was 5 and it was my first true love. I would write one-page mysteries during journal time in school almost every day. Speaking of school, I’m homeschooled. Always have been. I love it. And no, I’m not anti-social.
I’m a Christian, born and raised in a Christian home. This obviously impacts my take on life a lot. So if Christianity offends you, this probably isn’t the blog for you, though I hope I can touch at least one person’s life. That would be amazing.
I won’t tell you my entire life story, or else I wont have anything to blog about later. Thanks for finding my blog 🙂


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