Science or Religion today?

Here’s another note on my posts about homosexuality:

They were not born that way.

I know I said it before, but some people had a hard time swallowing my religious explanations, so here is some science backing me up.

There are studies on identical twins showing that homosexuality is not genetic and that you can’t actually be born that way.

There’s the URL to the study and if you google the subject you can find more.

Tell me what you think, since this is actual science with actual statistics and what-not.

Don’t Fool Yourself

Here is my favorite writing tip:

You don’t write the story.

Yep, it’s true. You aren’t doing the work. You set it up, sure. You have some vague notion of where the plot is going. You probably even have an ending in mind.

But you don’t write the story.

That is the job of your characters. As soon as you create them, don’t try to control them. They have become living beings in your computer or notebook. They have brains, hearts, emotions. They will do what they please.

If you realize this, life will be so much easier. I’m sure many of you writers already have, but this writing rule is just beautiful to me.

Maybe I’m weird. I mean, I am weird, but maybe weirder than I think.

Anyways, let your characters loose in your pages.

What are your favorite writing rules? I would love to hear them!

A Godless Argument? Ok. Sure. If….

“Explain to me how _____ is _____ blank without using God.”

Ok.. But then you have to tell me how I’m wrong using only God.

That’s how it works. You want me to argue my point your way? Well then you have to argue yours my way. It’s only fair.

People say I’m set in my views. Of course I am. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have a very strong, confident argument, now would I? I wouldn’t have any basis for anything.

And no, I won’t be very open to secular viewpoints because they go against my beliefs. Just like y’all don’t like my opinion because they go against yours.

However, if you use the Bible to show me that I’m wrong, give me verses and logical arguments, then I would love to read those. I want to be doing what is Biblically right.

If you see anything wrong with this logic, please tell me. Because it makes perfect sense to me.

You mad, bro?

Ok, I get it. I’m a controversial person.

I post things you might not like.

However, I’m very open about how I’m a Christian and these posts are from a Christian viewpoint. If all you’re going to do is insult me and try to tear apart my argument, even if you run out of points, then go find another blogger to try and destroy. Feel free to read, but please don’t be so rude in the comments.

If you are actually open to other people’s opinions and Christianity, then I do encourage you to read and comment. I love a nice discussion.

What gets me is when someone gets on me, telling my opinion is **** and to get my *** off  the internet and that they don’t give a flying **** about my opinion… well then I get a little annoyed.

Seriously, if you don’t care about my opinion, why are you getting so worked up about it?

Because I do my very best to be polite and understanding when conversing with people about my blog. And if you want to get anywhere with me, then stop insulting me. Don’t accuse me of being hateful and judgmental when I’m simply putting my beliefs into words.

You don’t see me cussing you out, saying your opinion is stupid, or telling you to stop shoving your religion down my throat.

A little respect is all I’m asking for.

So, you mad bro? Don’t tell me unless you can control yourself. Common courtesy, folks.

“Be more like Jesus”

So, I had someone accuse of me not “being like Jesus” a few posts ago because I posted about something controversial and it came across as offensive to some people.

However, I was not hateful or condemning. So I very much did not appreciate that comment.

This IS me trying to be like Jesus. He did not just sit in the corner and say how much he accepted everybody’s sin and that we should never hold each other accountable.

Guys, Jesus got angry. He flipped tables. He called the Pharisee’s out on their hypocrisy. He tried to get people to see their sins so that they could repent.

This idea that Christians are never supposed to offend people is ridiculous. That’s how we got where we are today, with churches condoning homosexuality, and this whole idea that all Christians are supposed to do is love everyone.

Of course loving other people is important. But part of loving someone is steering them away from what they’re doing wrong, not letting them continue on.

So you know what? I think I’m doing a pretty ok job of getting out there and talking about things that need to be talked about.

I’m not saying I’m the perfect reincarnation of Jesus, far from it, but I’m tired of passive Christians and I don’t want to be one.

Any thoughts?

Just a color

Guys, I’m sick of racism.

And when I say racism I don’t mean black vs. white because the newest thing is everyone vs. white, because all white people are jerks and discriminate against blacks. Apparently.

It. Is. Just. A. Color.


It’s like your hair. You don’t see blondes dissing on people with black hair and being called racist.

The fact of the matter is, we all came from the some place. Our ancestors all had the same color skin, way back in Israel.  The skin color variations come from the geographic locations that people went to after God scattered the people when they tried to build the Tower of Babel.

People who live closer to the equator, and thus have more sun time, have darker skin to protect them from the sunlight. People farther north have lighter skin because of less sunlight and needing less protection.

It is NOT God saying that people with darker skin are inferior, or that white people have special privileges.

The situation in Ferguson is a perfect example of racism against whites. Because if you think about, if a black officer had shot a black kid, it would’ve just been another case file. Or if the officer was Hispanic or Asian. But since the officer was white, it’s automatically discrimination and racism, which is ridiculous.

The phrase “All men are created equal” likes to be quoted, but doesn’t like to be practiced. It’s like people enjoy saying it to feel good about themselves and then talk about white power or discrimination against blacks.

And the darn media loves the play all of this up to get people angry. However, if we continue on this path, it’ll lead us to another civil war. Just look at the riots and violence in Ferguson. Do we really want that? Because the last one was destructive enough, and they didn’t have the technology we do today.

I beg you, all of you, to stop thinking about people in terms of their skin color and instead about their character. There are good and bad white people. There are good and bad black people. There is no stereotype that does every person justice.

What are your thoughts on racism?

God Loves Gays


This really didn’t get much traffic so I’m reblogging it.

Originally posted on Dance In The Rain:

…..Just not their behavior.

Same with murders, pedophiles, thieves and adulterers. He loves everyone.

He hates the sin.

That is the point I would like to make immediately. I do NOT hate homosexuals. I hate the sin.

I know I am not perfect, please do not accuse me of being a hypocrite. I sin too.

But there’s a widespread rumor that “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality” so it’s “not a sin” and I would like to debunk this insane myth.

First of all, the Old Testament lists homosexual behavior as one of the main reasons why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Just because it was the Old Testament doesn’t mean the sin isn’t still real.

Also in the Old Testament, God defines homosexuality as sexually immoral behavior, which comes up multiple times in the New Testament.

Now as far as New Testament goes;

“Do you not know that the…

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